Avery Brown Week 03 Journal

Avery Brown

I spent this week getting things ready for rendering.  The reactor room is pretty much complete.  Here is a shot that has been rendered and then comped inside it:


There are some minor adjustments left to do (such as increasing the reflectivity on his goggles), but this is close to complete.

I completed the model of the control console as well.

I also relit the confrontation scene hallway so that it renders much, much faster:

The engine room also got a little colder:

Other than that, the rest of my time was spent rendering.

Hours Breakdown:

  • Environment Surfacing – 5:30
  • Environment Modeling – 9:00
  • Technical Directing – 10:00
  • Compositing – 7:30
  • Visual Effects – 7:30
  • Adviser Meeting – 2:00
  • Group Meeting (Dallies) – 3:00
  • Paperwork – 1:30

Total: 46 hours

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