Avery Brown Week 09 Journal

Avery Brown

Last week was spent assembling, rendering and compositing.  The assembly process started out very inefficient and significantly improved by the end.  Still, it was rife with mistakes and we had to double render over half of the shots that we completed.  The reactor chamber was very much not ready to be rendered and needs significant optimization.  XGen interferes with out motion blur solution, so that problem needs to be troubleshot.  Significant portions of the process need to be automated, especially caching.  Optimizing caching would improve our speed significantly.

Another massive problem came from several shot files that were in complete disarray, which required extensive manual cleanup.  We still aren’t sure what causes this error…

…but my personal theory is that it comes from ftp related data corruption.  Considering a ban on working from home.

Our renders went from taking up 2 gigabytes last weekend to now occupying 98.

I also worked on matte “paintings”, which are more aptly described as photo-collages.

Hours Breakdown:

  • Paperwork – 1:30
  • Website Admin – 0:30
  • Compositing – 2:00
  • Technical Directing – 58:00
  • Adviser Meeting – 3:00

Total: 65:00



The week is over.  I enjoy matte painting.


Everything else.


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