Avery Brown Week 02 Journal

Avery Brown

This week, my goal was to push the texturing in the reactor room a bunch.  Most of the textures are applied as tri-planar projections using real scene scale, so that they map over any arbitrary surface.  UVs are present, but mostly unused at this point.  I would like to add some more surface detail into the textures, like seams and decals, which would use UVs as normal.

Irridesence on the reactor sphere

The top of the reactor

Bottom of the Reactor

The unfinished control panel

Wide shot of the room

We also started on our vfx earth renders.  We used satellite data from nasa for our texture source.  The maps are somewhere between 10k and 25k pixels across, and our tiff textures are generally over a gigabyte each.  This is only going to be rendered as two still images though, so we are able to afford that.  Additional atmospheric glow and some punch will be added in post.

Frozen earth

Too hot!

Preliminary Comp

This week in immersive animation, Chris and I used our homework as an opportunity to build assets for visual effects shots.  We made an ocean and several icebergs, then pushed them to final quality shading and rendering in one day.


Hours Breakdown:

  • Environment Surfacing – 17:30
  • Environment Modeling – 2:30
  • Technical Directing – 2:00
  • User Interface Design – 2:30
  • Visual Effects – 16:00
  • Adviser Meeting – 2:00
  • Group Meeting (Dallies) – 4:00

Total: 46:30

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