Chris Cerrone Week 02 Journal

Chris Cerrone

Well picking up where we left off, I went to meet with Avarese about scoring our movie. He agreed and told me when he would need a locked down version, as in we really aren’t even cutting off frames anymore. After that meeting we met with Berton to further go over the weeks progress. That night we attempted, multiple times, to set up a render with in camera motion blur with a variety of settings, however the consistent unreliability with the server that we’ve had, basically all year, kept cropping up. The renders may have only taken 30 minutes a frame, but we wouldn’t know since the server drops out every 20, stopping any batch rendering. We’re hoping that if we get access to Zync we will only have to worry about the nuke, vray, zbrush, and dozen other programs we need to use dropping off the license server regularly and breaking any flow of work.

I finished up the texturing for all the characters clothes later in the week. The scientists goggles have separate materials for leather, metal etc. And scratches and noise to break up the material. I also finalized the xGen for all the characters. I’m not very happy with the way Black Gold has come out, but it’s an improvement over the last iteration and I can’t afford to put any more time into it until all the animation is done. On that note I also animated some. I don’t have as many effect shots but I went back to sc02 and started refining some of them. My schedule will have to change since I am not taking the opening monologue off of Juan’s workload, but in the next week I should be able to animate and not have to worry as much about random little tasks until they pop up, and they always do. I also Made a bunch of icebergs and worked with Avery on our Immersive Animation class assignment, All of these assets will be used for one of the final ray firing sequences. I cannot post any photos until the server comes back online, because, you guessed it, now no one can even connect, let alone maintain a connection.



Pros – In total I got about 46 hours of work in, which was better than last week.

Cons – Most shots were dragging in on barely on time or late and keeping track of them plus my own work has been the least rewarding part of this year.

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