Zachary Thomas Week 01 Journal

Zach Thomas

At the beginning of this week I resumed working on animation for scene 01. However, in the middle of the week we had series of meetings to determine the current state of our project and the best way to proceeded so that we finish with a strong project. Afterwards Chris and I decided that it would be best if I was to shifted focus from animating the first scene to working on the visual effects. To start we choose what we thought were going to be the most difficult effects to complete. First, I worked on the shot of Black Gold getting electrocuted. I used a plugin for after effects called Saber that really improved the quality of the effect and will be extremely useful in the future. Then, I started the effects for the shot of the base being destroyed. It is still in a rough state, but I am moving on to working on the water effects because we now need Fernsler’s input on the best way to proceed with the effects for that shot.



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