Avery Brown Week 01 Journal

Avery Brown

At the beginning of this week, I resumed work on the lettuce XGen Script.  It is now highly functional and has a user interface.  It doesn’t do everything that I wanted, but it does enough to satisfy the needs of the team.  Because of the nature of Maya and XGen, I made sure to implement a very detailed logging system for when it inevitable breaks.  The source code is available on my github.

After I completed the script, I moved into surfacing the environment.  I started out with the floor, which appears in every scene, except for exteriors.

The texture is tri-planar mapped to the objects at an exact scale so that it is consistent from object to object, regardless of UVs.  Most of the textures were baked from a model that I made and tile perfectly.  The normal map is shown below, but there is also a glossiness, diffuse and dirt-map that go into the material.  A little noise and variation are added through some seamless textures I adapted from textures.com.

We also incorporated some work on our User Interface into our Immersive Animation Homework.

 Hours Breakdown:

  • Concept Art – 1:00
  • Environment Surfacing – 23:00
  • Technical Directing – 14:00
  • User Interface Design – 8:30
  • Adviser Meeting – 4:00
  • Group Meeting (Dallies) – 4:00

Total: 54:30


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