Chris Cerrone Week 09

Chris Cerrone

Spent 68 hours wokring last week. most of it trying to render to hit the “beta” animation requirements of first pass shading lighting and comp. There’s really too much to go into. I shaded when necessary, I rendered and animated. Managed the team and tried to get everyone in the same room as often as possible to keep the communication live. When we were in the same room there was a tangible difference to the productivity and how quickly things got resolved. The days were communication was spotty and people weren’t around were less productive and more frustrating, but we got close to the beta, so for now Ill be happy with that and make sure we keep up the momentum and get to it as soon as possible.


Positives: I think we’re further along in all the parts of our pipeline than most senior projects are at this point, if not as far in specific parts. Managing during crunch time was easier while people were all here working together.

Negatives:  Some peoples files were consistently buggier and harder to cache and render for some unknown reason. Will be looking into it to make sure it no longer happens.



Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 4.23.52 PM

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