Alexis Bloom Week 09 Journal

Alexis Bloom

Alexis Bloom Week 09 Journal

Road to Recovery


This week was a… roller coaster to say the least.  I am still sick, and desperately trying to recover.  I put in the most hours I ever have this week since we have our final presentation on Tuesday.  I spent a few nights in the labs into the early morning hours to get things done.  I disappeared a few times due to overwhelming sickness  (Chris, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry again), but I tried to come back as much as I could.  I still think I got a lot more work done than I usually would have, even though I was sick.

I spent the majority of this week animating.  I fixed the shots that needed to fix, and made them render-ready for Avery.  In addition to that, I spent a good chunk of my time comping rendered characters on top of their background plates.  I also did some visual effects for the newly updated animatic, and spent the last couple of days getting everything together for Tuesday.  It was a terrible time to get sick, but I managed to push through it.

Hours breakdown:

  • Advisor Meeting:  Met with John Berton to explain what we did over the week: (1 hour)
  • Group Meetings (dailies 3x a week):  Went over what we accomplished during the week: (3.5 hours)
  • VFX:  Working on visual effects for the animatic (6 hours)
  • Animating:  Roughing in animation for sc04 and sc01: (15 hours)
  • Comping:  Comping characters onto their background plates: (18 hours)

Total:  43.5 Hours 


Here are some of the placeholder VFX I plopped in.



Somehow managed to make it to the final presentation


STILL Sick :(.

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