Avery Brown Week 07 Journal

Avery Brown


For the previous two weeks, I focused on rendering and comping things.


I also figured out a way around our Nuke licensing problem, which is rendering through the command line.

alias nuke='/Applications/Nuke9.0v6/NukeX9.0v6.app/NukeX9.0v6'
# This allows you to use the command "nuke" instead of typing the whole path each time
# This command will set nukeX9.0v6 as your current version of nuke
# You can use different versions of Nuke as well, ask me and I can send you the correct string for that

nuke -F 1-300 --nukex -i -x '/path/to/comp.nk'
# "-F" denotes that this is executing a frame range
# Replace "1-300" with the frame range of your shot
# The "--nukex" and "-i" make sure that your job is executed using nukeX
# The "-x" executes every write node in the comp
# If you want to execute a specific node, use "-X 'nameOfNode'"  ex: "-X Write4"
# The path would be something like "/Volumes/digm_anfx/SPRJ_cgbirds/_postproduction/comps/sc02/HRD_100/hrd_100_comp_v01.nk"
# More can be found at: "http://help.thefoundry.co.uk/nuke/9.0/#comp_environment/configuring_nuke/command_line_operations.html?Highlight=command line"


This Week Hours Breakdown:

  • Compositing – 14:00
  • Adviser Meeting – 1:00
  • Group Meetings (Dallies) – 1:30
  • Technical Directing – 19:00
  • Render Farm work – 2:30

Total: 44:00

Last Week Hours Breakdown:

  • Compositing – 10:30
  • Environment Model – 4:00
  • Adviser Meeting – 2:00
  • Group Meetings (Dallies) – 1:30
  • Technical Directing – 10:00
  • Render Farm work – 3:00
  • Paperwork – 1:00

Total: 43:00



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