Week 02 Team Journal

Chris Cerrone

Well it sure was an exciting week for the flock of Team CG Birds! We got confirmation that Avarese can score our movie, and just need to get him a frame locked version by early May. We’ve continued having Dailies Daily, which has improved everyones work and productivity immensely since last term. We spent a good bit of time going over what effect shots we wanted to prioritize, and then Zack went about getting 2nd and 3rd passes on them. Alexis and Juan continued animating, and while there was a slump towards the end of the week with shots not being turned in on time, most of that has been corrected, and Chris has taken on extra shots. Now that the clothing texture and xGen tweaks are taken care of Chris will move on to primarily animating for the rest of the month in addition to managing and doing regular edits of the animatic. Avery got the textures for the reactor room in order, and about 80% of the rest of the base. The last big thing to be done are the doors throughout the base, as there are enough closeups on them to warrant more time in polishing their textures. Moving forward we are going to take care of all the roughest animation shots now that the VFX ones are done, while VFX and rendering moves forward. There’s still not a solid idea of how much we should submit rendered for our week 4 deadline, but we’re moving forward with the assumption of around 10 seconds in each environment to showcase the final look, while using playblasts to convey the animation in the bulk of the story.

Tune in next week for another exciting PPJ from CG BIRDS © ™



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