Team Journal Week 09

Chris Cerrone

This week was a long week of fighting the renderfarm, corrupted files, xGen caches, crashes, and many a shed tear. But some grief knows no words, and to try would be a disservice to the hardships we’ve endured, and the deadline approaching. We all animated, we all rendered, we all comped, we all didn’t sleep. We have about 80% of our animation rendered, which, while it may not match 100% the “Beta” definition, has helped us sort through many of the issues that we would have been facing next quarter. Some animation is more rough than other bits, and we still need to refine the rigs and the timing of the overall short before the end of the quarter, but we can hit that if we keep the momentum going.



Positives: We got a lot out in the last few days and have a good understanding of our render pipeline

Negatives: Some drop out of communication

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