Juan Garzon Week 9 Journal

Juan Garzon

So this week is week 10… wow, the term is nearly over… wow.

To bring you up to speed, I moved around a lot from assignment to assignment nearing the end of this term, primarily since we moved beyond the rough animation stage and into our first pass at post production; needless to say, It’s enjoyable to see the shots rendered out and moving about. In terms of animation, I worked on finishing any shot that was left, and began to set up render ready version for Avery and Chris to start putting through the render farm, and also switched gears toward composting completed shots for our work to continue to move forward.

Composite using Nuke


Composite using AE


Total Hours: 41hrs 4min

Meetings: 1hr 42min

Animating: 32hrs 41min

Modeling: 4hrs 5 min

Other (such as grabbing soundbites and compositing the scenes):  2hrs 32 min

Positives: we got a lot of work done,
Negatives: bit sleep deprived… but nothing I can’t handle, I had a panic attack on Sunday but it subsided when I began to work once more.

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