Team Journal Week 08

Chris Cerrone

Everyone’s working fully to get our “Beta” animation done for next week. Avery and Chris primarily worked on the poster Thursday and Friday. While it took a significant amount of time away towards actual production it did push up the deadlines for shading which left time for a second pass before they were really due. After that Avery has mainly focused on setting up renders and the rest of the post production pipeline. Chris continued working on xGen hair and shading, then animating and putting together the animatic. Alexis and Juan have been animating and should have all rough animation in by this Wednesday so that refinement can start to take place. Zack has been filling in where needed, finishing clothing, animating some shots, and soon will be helping set up the scene assembly files for each shot.


Positives: Shaded characters, fixed most xGen problems

Negatives: Not all animation deadlines met today, Compiling poster took away valuable time.


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