Avery Brown Week 09 Journal

Avery Brown


This week involved a whole bunch of wrapping up.  A couple things were re-rendered and many things were composited.  I made an animated intro for the logo, as you can see above.  I also did a lot of visual effects, as you can see below.  I developed a pretty streamlined pipeline for put smoke and sparks into shots, to match the rest of scene one with the two big shots, 051 and 092.  I also found the splineWarp and iDistort nodes in Nuke, which I wish I had known about sooner.  These were incorporated into the “end of the world?” sequence at the end, to get some pretty ballin’ effects.





I also made some neat presentation materials too:


Hours Breakdown:

  • Compositing – 35:00
  • Adviser Meeting – 2:00
  • Technical Directing – 8:30
  • Paper Work – 1:00

Total: 46:20

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