Alexis Bloom Week 09 Journal

Alexis Bloom

Alexis Bloom Week 09 Journal



Well well well.  Here we are.  At the finish line.


Ahem.  Sorry.  Can you blame me for being a little excited?  I’m still extremely nervous and my heart is racing, but I don’t care.  We have a movie.  It’s a tangible thing with my name on it, and I couldn’t be happier.  I am a little upset that my illnesses have gotten the upperhand this week, but I stuck it out in the end.  This week, I focused my energy completely on comping and finishing up whatever tasks Chris and Berton handed to me.  I’m just so happy to be done.

My hypersomnia got the best of me.  This happens when I get really anxious or depressed.  As you can imagine, these last two weeks have been extremely stressful, so my hypersomnia was at an all time high.  Even today, on the last day of working, I went home for a lunch break… sat down… and blacked out for four hours.  I felt awful, and I don’t know how to communicate how sorry I am to my group…  I already have like 4 doctors appointments immediately after senior sow to get help… but if my group members are reading this… I’m sorry.

Anyways.  What’s done is done.  So long PPJs.  I knew thee well.


Some final examples of some comps I did.  (Note…. not nearly all of them…. just a few).








Hypersomnia really killed me this week.

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