Chris Cerrone Week 06 Journal

Chris Cerrone

What did I do last week? I feel like I didn’t do anything, considering the progress on my shots. Every time I sit down to animate I get back up because there’s something else that needs my attention. Render file isnt working, someone didn’t update the frame range on the shot list so I need to comb through it and figure out what the range actually is, this email, that email, another meeting, tracking down work that was due a week ago. Out of 40 hours spent working I only put 18 or so into animating, and most of that into one particularly difficult shot. At this point my biggest frustration is that I don’t have time to put into the things that I actually wanted to get out of this entire project. Sure, I can tell people in the future that I fixed a lot of small problems over the course of several months, I wrote a couple jokes, but I have very little quality animation to show for it. I have one scene, which I didn’t even get to put much time into despite setting it up as an independant study. I’m beginning to worry that after the 950 or so hours (that I have clocked) in the past year, at the end of the day I’ll get to say that I was in charge, if that was even ever really the case. But I don’t know what I’m supposed to point to and say, there, thats what I did, 100% mine, I’m proud of that. So here’s what I did manage to do last week. And I wish I had more time to work on it because it isn’t an easy shot, and if I could have really nailed it, it would have been a really nice piece for a reel, or at least I would have gotten some semblance of pride from it.


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