Zachary Thomas Week 05 Journal

Zach Thomas

This week I worked more on visual effects. I started out at the beginning of the week working more on the base destruction shot. Since Avery and Chris were working on getting final renders for other visual effects shots I focused on a single shot that need more work than the others. As shots were rendered I switched in integrating lightning and electricity effects in shots that needed them. Below is the finished render of the superhero being electrocuted at the end of the short. A negative from this week was that the base destruction shot is proving to be much more time intensive shot that I originally thought. As a result, we are planning to bring all the visual effects up to basic standard then going back to shots that need more work. This way we will at least have effects for the entire short, instead of having one really polished shot and several unfinished effects. A positive from this week though is that the whip pan shot on which we have struggled with the animation is finally completed and rendered so I can start putting effects into that shot this week.


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