Chris Cerrone Week 04 Journal

Chris Cerrone


Starting this a littler earlier in the week, figured I’d upload the props that were more or less finaled by me.



Here’s a little rigged thingy that you see at train stations for when the train is coming in. It’ll be used to display the engine temperature, going off the joke that he’s shoveling coal into an engine.

One of the shots I animated. Over the last week I did a few scene assembly for other shots and helped Avery where I could with getting things working on the farm or at least getting computers in 252 turned to linux. We’re hoping to get the farm working on Windows since that partition is actually maintained and looked after, and we would be able to access it on all comptuers in 252, and not half that have linux and half of those that work. On the bright side things are getting through the farm and shots are getting the go ahead to be rendered with small things we can fix later if we have time. On the downside I spent more time on props than I expected, and there hasn’t been a day in over a week and a half that everyone has been on time/shown up for dailies other than Avery and myself. Which is demoralizing, since in the past it’s been the best time of day to figure out what needs to be done per day and what’s almost ready to be pushed, and now it seems like most people treat it like a chore. But at least all the props look better. After the 55 hours of Sproj work in the last week I’m wishing I had more time to devote to other classes, but I guess there’s no way that’ll happen.

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