Week 03 Team Journal

Avery Brown

This week, Chris has asked me to write the team Journal, and what a week it has been!

In order to prepare for the presentation, we made some major pushes to our project.  Most notably, Alexis, Juan, Zack, and Chris all animated a whole bunch.

Juan animated some shots in scene 03. <Update when PPJ done>

<put media here>

Working mostly on scenes 01 and 07, Alexis spent 65 hours animating.


Zack split his time between animation and visual effects, moving back and forth to depending on what was needed that day.


Chris animated several shots and cut multiple new animatics.


As for myself (Avery), I made a big effort to get the reactor room ready for semi-final plates.

We have completed renders for over half of our animation’s background plates.  These may not be 100% final (though some might be), but contain all of the required passes needed to comp them in Nuke.  The character renders are much more time consuming and are not as far along, but we now can point to this shot in scene 01 (IRR_052) as an example of our final quality mark to hit.


Tune in next week for more exciting updates from team CG Birds!

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