Chris Cerrone Week 03 Journal

Chris Cerrone

There isn’t much more of an interesting narrative here this week compared to last week. I animated and managed and took on more shots when other people weren’t going to get them done. I spent most of my time, as usual, chasing down people who aren’t getting their shots in or seem unaware that they even have an obligation to turn things in on time. While majority of our group is pulling together and getting out better work faster each day, there’s still a long way to go if we’re going to get this all to the quality we want it to be on time. I wasn’t happy at the idea of cutting shot 3, not just because I personally like the scene, but because I feel that the pacing of the story is completely ruined without it. The fact that the shots aren’t getting done is frustrating, because they have been worked on since late February, and at the end of the day I feel like lower quality animation is better than a lower quality story. That and cutting that story leaves a huge gap in the workload that really cant be filled in with other shots that are further along at this point. Overall I spent a good 50+ hours this week between technical problems and animating. And I’m quite tired. Here’s the animatic..


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