Chris Cerrone Week 01 Journal

Chris Cerrone

This week I spent most of my time in meetings, so not the most productive of weeks, with the exception of our almost daily Dailies, in which we’ve been getting a lot of good feedback from everyone in the group and moving things along in a more streamlined manner. I recorded final dialogue for all the characters Thursday, which I had my brother John, friend Ross, and our advisor Berton record for the characters. I spent the next two days listening to it and cutting it up, and picking the best takes. In some cases taking multiple takes and editing them into one. I emailed John Avarese about scoring our movie, and will be meeting with him once this is done to go over some ideas. I finaled the skin textures for all the characters, and the xGen for the Mad Scientist and Janitor. Black Gold needs some tweaks but having to spend most of my day Saturday finding a functional tool to make Gantt charts that isn’t as backwards as Gantt Project and then making a less broad strokes one meant that the production work needed to be delayed. I spent a whole lot of time restarting computers because licenses keep dissapearing, but since that’s what we’ve all come to expect from the labs it’s been built in to the time we assume each task will take. Sunday Avery and I got some UI work done for our Immersive Animation Class, which will transfer over to the UI on screen in the base. I’m hoping this coming week will have more time for me to work on what I need to get done for there to be a finished animation as I’m behind the schedule I set for myself at the beginning of the term due to lost time last week.



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