Chris Cerrone Week 10 Journal

Chris Cerrone

I spent most of the last week animating sc02 since for my independant study it needs to be polished by the end of the quarter. I also did a lot of corrective blendshapes, and completely redid all of Ralph’s mouth shapes as blendshapes. I retimed a lot of the animatic and on Berton’s advice have been trying to make the cut as tight as possible. I also threw out the entire middle of the animation (about a minute and a half) and redid it in a more relevant and concise way (about 30 seconds) It sticks with the theme of ice and cold better and puts the Janitor in a more believable mess to get out of. In terms of the beta for this quarter the only shot we have not technically “proven” would be one of the new shots that has a thousand ice cubes falling on black gold. In terms of rendering this isnt any different from previous shots with ice in them, the sim will be the only thing that needs to be proven, so that is the first priority to render. Avery is working on a script to accelerate the rendering process, and since at this point the shots that remain to be rendered are already proven other places in the pipeline they are secondary to finishing our goals of refining the rigs, rigging props, and a bunch of other small but important tasks that will let us hit the ground running next quarter without limping along waiting for rigs that need a little more work or clothing that needs adjustments etc. Positive – Middle is tighter and better
Negatives – I have a lot of work to do for this independant study.



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