Alexis Bloom Week 08 Journal

Alexis Bloom

Alexis Bloom Week 08 Journal

Sick Again

Dear Diary,

Oh wait, that doesn’t sound right… anyway… I was extremely sick for this entire week.  I don’t want to go into details, but through a combination of physical and mental problems, I was out of commission for the majority of the week.  My group has been really understanding with everything, but I still feel terrible about it. I’m going to put in as much effort as I possibly can until SPROJ is finally over.  I still pulled a decent number of hours this week compared to other groups, but not nearly as much as we’ve been doing for the whole term.

With what little time I spent working in the labs with my group, I spent it comping and finishing up some small animation tasks.  There’s not much else to say.  We’re finally finishing up… it’s great to say that we have a movie.  I’m so relieved that all of this is almost over.  I just need to keep pushing until the end, as hard as my body is telling me not to.

Examples:  Here are some examples of things I did this week.  (not a lot due to sickness :(.  This is just animation stuff, comps thrown together are in the final animatic right now. )




ALMOST DONE SPROJ FOREVER.  Work is coming along nicely.  Not very stressed.


Was very very very sick.

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