Chris Cerrone Week 07 Journal

Chris Cerrone

Well what is there to say about this week in a reasonable amount of time? I finished off all animation I needed to get done, in addition to a 500 frame shot that I had to do because it wasn’t going to get done any other way. After that I set everyone to assembling files while I submitted them to the farm. All in all I submitted about 60% of the animation to the farm in a day, with the help of other people assembling them. It was a huge load off Avery’s plate, so now his job is going back and redoing the shots that people assembled wrong or put in the wrong frame range for. LAter in the week I was supposed to implement all the sound effects that have been assigned to be collected and then recorded over the last week or so. As it turned out, I spent most of monday looking for the sound effects since only 5-6 were actually found, and none were recorded. Unfortunatley that meant that the time I was supposed to spend locking in the effects in a ProTools session for our deadline Wednesday looking for the effects that were consistently. “overlooked” and “reprioritized.”


On the bright side we we have about 96% of the animation rendered, and it just needs to be comp’d.


I also started writing the newspaper articles for the beginning and ending. Which I’ll paste the first draft of below.

Boggles newspaper 01

“Breaking news filtering through a somewhat reliable source indicates that the renown mad scientist – known in more personal circles as Dr. J. Boggles – has set into motion a plan to freeze the earth! The word came in late last night from ¬†junior reporter J. Garzon, who indicated that –

“By all accounts there is a high likelihood that the scientist – Dr. Boggles that is – has constructed some freezing device, or apparatus of some sort, which has the capability to exert an extreme cold beam that could, in fact, cause massive freezing throughout the world.”
Now there can be no sure way of the full magnitude of Dr. Boggle’s plans, as many times in the past his plans have gone wildly out of control. Who could forget the swarm of hyper-intelligent armadillos that marched on capital hill in the early 90’s? Or the equally horrifying, yet less politically charged, attempt at solving the rising gas prices? In which a much younger Boggles attempted to create a living and highly regenerative fossil fuel dispensing dinosaur? His attempt to make a more “potent” fuel by combining multiple dinosaur breeds somewhat backfired when the creature took to the streets, spilling oil across downtown Miami and eventually setting the entire are ablaze after Boggles insisted on taking a cigarette break.
This time Boggles plan to freeze the earth comes at a time when the ice caps have melted past the point where anyone can deny the problem. We’ve lost New Jersey…well, lost can be a relative term, I mean, has anyone really looked for it? I mean it evacuated quickly enough, but can we be sure it was because of the impending doom? I suppose that’s not for us to decide.
Anyway, I believe we were discussing the threat of an over freeze. While Boggles plan is only to recreate the northern ice caps, many fear that a permanent winter will soon be upon us. The dawn of a new ice age may well be upon us, and we took to the streets to see what others had to say.
Prominent pro wrestler and environmentalist Johnny Tsunami had this to say:
Well obviously everyone keeps crying over whether he’s going to go to far. And yeah, there really hasn’t been a problem he’s solved without creating one in its place, but let’s think about this from the earths perspective. Man we’ve had the world pinned beneath us for so long now, and this polar stuff is just mother natures way of kicking out. We’ve gotta band together and get this world off the ground and up to the top rope. “
When asked to elaborate Tsunami suplexed our reporter and said “there’s your elaboration”
¬†We also have this personal correspondence between the UN and boggles. –
Bit from the Ui screen
Super hero paper 01
“Over my dead body!” Was the start of an increasingly verbose monologue from our resident super powered “hero”. Despite us not actually asking for a quote, Black Gold, or at least that’s what he insists on being referred to in any publication, sat down with our editor last night after showing up at his house. This unannounced visit is the fourth in a series of articles we’ve published on the “recommendation” of “the son of truth and justice.”
“Over my dead body! Boggles thinks he’s going to freeze the world? Not on my watch! I’ll be the thermostat of justice on this chilly night. I’ll be the roiling and boiling water of fairness, tempered with the tea bag of honor, and just a pinch of the sugar that is my rugged good looks and popularity. Speaking of tea-“
At this point our editor left the doorway to make Black Gold a cup of tea. While gone for a full 20 minutes, an absurd amount of time to make tea- and a desperate hope that the super powered egomaniac would have wandered off as he had on previous visits like this. Unfortunately upon arriving back at the door he found Black Gold still going, apparently oblivious to the disappearance of the editor.
“Why his unbearable cold heart — oh that’s good, I’ll use that– his cold heart has been too long away from the fires of love, his knobbly little knees have knelt before the altar of indifference. He will never again corrupt my fellow man with –“
As our editor waited for the tea to cool, and then drink the cup entirely, he had one comment, which he never got to make, but would like to share now.
“I do not know how he found my house. Perhaps he didn’t know it was my house, maybe he just stopped by and decided to tell some random stranger something. My mistake the first time was to ever publish a word he said. I mean, it’s idiotic. And he saw such a surge in Twitter followers that he came back the next day and insisted on sending a message to his adoring fans. I attempted to explain that he was missing the point of Twitter if he was sending his messages through a failing newspaper, but he tore one of my rose bushes out of the ground and told me to get a pencil or he would “uproot my prickly newspaper as easily as he had uprooted the rose bush”. I tried to explain that it wasn’t my paper, but he didn’t seem to hear me. I really don’t know what to do.


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