Alexis Bloom – The Past Four Years

Alexis Bloom

The Past Four Years

I had a wonderful time in the program.  I hold myself to extremely high standards, and those were difficult to keep across 4 years in total.  I learned a lot about animation, but I also learned a lot about how to interact with people in the industry.  Thanks to my wonderful professors (and I mean each and every single one of them in the DIGM program 🙂 ) I had to overcome a lot of social anxiety that I had.  I had to learn how to talk to EVERYONE.  My peers and professionals alike.  I learned how to properly critique, and fix my own work as well.  It’s safe to say I learned a helluva lot.

I went from a very shy and anxious girl, to a pretty outgoing woman.  I had a lot of social anxiety coming into Drexel which definitely made it difficult to communicate with my peers and professors.  I normally kept to myself, and didn’t ask anyone for help or feedback.  I got along well enough, but once I started to get over my fear of talking to people, I found that reaching out for help and crits was extremely helpful.  Not only that, but I’ve formed some great bonds with people, and I’ll continue to talk to them after I graduate.

I don’t know if there was a particular class that shifted the way I loko at myself as a professional.  For every single class I took, I treated it like it was a project in the industry.  I never “phoned in” a final project and moved on.  I always did my absolute best on each final.  Thanks to that, I have a few nice pieces to put in my reel.  I think the overall experience at Drexel has helped me prepare myself as a professional in the industry.

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